Sunday 30th June

I will be offering a yoga posture specific/ combined with an introduction to essential oils workshop in the beautiful village of Zweisimmen.

This 2 and a half hour afternoon workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to ask specifics about any particular posture you would like to know more about eg.

You may find pigeon pose to be a relief for your hamstrings but may also find it can be painful to knee joints. So taking time to break a posture down and look at how it can be adapted to suit your needs can be helpful, for instance in group vinyasa class when there is a constant flow of postures linked one to another.

Essential oils can work very well together with yoga, enhancing senses to help focus, energise, soothe and rejuvenate along with many other benefits to your general well being.

Studio Cosmetic Claudia Mathier
Lenkstrasse 3 
3770 Zweisimmen 
CHF 50.00