Essential Oils for Wellbeing

You have probably heard about essential oils for wellbeing.

For just over a year now I have been a wellness advocate for DoTERRA, and I do in every sense of the words advocate how making good quality ethically sourced essential oils a daily part of your life, can have a hugely positive effect on your well being.

If we look at wellness from a holistic perspective, taking on the principles that a varied diet of fresh organic food along with regular exercise can be one of the best ways to stay healthy. Much like a petrol car will struggle to work if we accidentally put diesel into it, of course it’s important we fuel our bodies with what we need as well as our minds.

Our minds and bodies are intrinsically linked so essential oils can play a very vital role in keeping the equilibrium.

We hear much about the ‘placebo effect’ - eg. You could take a sugar pill that someone gave you for a headache telling you it would make you feel better and it does. Another day a conventional pain killer may not do the trick as your body is simply dehydrated and all you need is to drink more water , but whatever your thoughts there can usually be no denying how relaxing the beautiful scent of lavender can be combined with the sight of a freshly picked bunch hanging up to dry because our senses are being stimulated.

Having spent our first year living here up in the Swiss alps, the winter is stunningly beautiful but can often be literally freezing cold, so in order not to ‘catch the cold’ you need to take preventative measures against it .

Warm clothes of course, but I can also say hand on heart my number 1 weapon last winter was DoTERRAs protective blend ‘On Guard’ - I put two drops every morning at the base of my throat and back of neck and didn’t catch any passing dreaded ‘lurgies’ that were doing the rounds! It may have been luck, it may have been my belief, it may also have been that the practical benefits of these warming oils prevented the cold and germs from passing into my system.

Sometimes of course it is necessary to see a medical practitioner and be treated accordingly, but using essential oils can help to enhance and strengthen our immune response to disease , some can actually stimulate the production of disease fighting white blood cells which are vital to the body’s defences and immunity ! They have many components that affect the nervous system; helping to lift mood, improve concentration /focus and balance energy.

From my personal experience I have become so inspired by their benefits and if you haven’t already, couldn’t recommend trying them more highly

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any more info about these beautiful oils or indeed becoming a wellness advocate yourself, which enables you to purchase all DoTERRA products wholesale, earn points for free product of the month, shipping and much much more! .