All about my supyoga journey

It’s hard to explain sometimes the joy I feel when floating on the water out in the middle of a lake or ocean, and my supyoga journey really began on the beautiful island of St Lucia in the Caribbean back in 2017.


Having tried paddle boarding a few times and really loving it, when the opportunity arose to practice yoga in the balmy warm waters of the Caribbean of course I couldn’t resist!

I was resident yoga instructor at the health and well-being resort BodyHoliday, and as part of our yoga schedule we offered paddle board yoga to guests in their wonderfully sheltered bay, and so began a real passion for SUP! The joy of being out on the water and practicing yoga was simply the perfect combination!

So when the time came to leave St Lucia at the beginning of 2018 we decided the journey just had to continue, so my husband and I made our way to the mystical Mayan riviera in Mexico to study more with supyoga Tulum under the tutelage of Nancy Kyd and Jessica Bellafatto, who was one of the first pioneers of supyoga in the USA . There we learned more about ocean launches and rescue, open water class set ups and anchoring as well as how best to adapt yoga asana to a ‘floating mat’ !


Truly inspired by the stunning surroundings including the ocean, tranquil jungle centotes ( fresh water lakes surrounded by mangroves ) and lagoons, ideas of how amazing this practice could also be on majestic mountain lakes began to hatch!

So once we arrived back in Switzerland it was straight up to the lakes, via the pool! ..
Fast forward to summer 2019 and alongside weekly classes in the beautiful indoor pool at Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad, this year we are also introducing classes on stunning lake Arnensee surrounded by majestic mountains and clean pure air that has even been known to be bottled as souvenirs ! 😉

unknown 2.jpg

The benefits of practicing yoga on water are vast , but an immediate sense of your own inner strength is one of the first things you may notice, and the very special words from Bruce Lee “My strength comes from my abdomen, it’s the centre of gravity and the source of real power” always spring to my mind when I step on my board.


All forms of yoga can give us a more heightened sense of balance, but none quite as much as practicing on water due to the sheer structure of the element itself .

You need to focus all your attention to begin with in finding the centre of your board , and when you do you also find your own centre along with a real sense of your inner self . It’s truly powerful stuff , and when it comes to savasana there is no better place in the world to be lulled in to a deep relaxation than floating gracefully on gentle ripples of water .